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“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”

–Robert Frank

My name is Elodie Giuge. I am a photographer based in Cambridge, UK and I specialise in portraits, headshots, and commercial photography. 


A few things you should know about my approach:

1. I consider my job to be one of a listener and a planner just as much as it is one of a creator. I always undergo a process of finding out not only what my clients are looking for, but what they stand for and what makes them who they are. I will never turn up and "just shoot" - I believe taking the time to listen is an essential part of the process, ultimately resulting in planning and executing creative ways to produce photographs of your best self.

2. No matter how much I love being behind the camera, I know how hard it is being in front of it. That is why I keep all my shoots as informal and fun as possible, and why I provide so much guidance and direction to hep you not worry about whether you're doing the right thing and make you look your best.

3. I won't consider my job done until your photos make you feel proud of who you are and what you have achieved, and until they have the "wow" factor you are looking for. Good-enough isn't part of my vocabulary, and it is my mission to create legacy images for yourself, and/or striking visual content that will give your business a competitive edge.

Elodie Giuge Photographer
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