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More than a headshot, it's someone's first impression of you

Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, a creative, a coach, or in any other line of business, someone at some point will be seeking to do business with you online. What will your headshot say about you? 

I spend time with every one of my clients to understand what impression they want to make and how to best portray their personality.


Having a camera pointed at you and trying to look natural can be challenging, which is why I provide full coaching during your session to help you look comfortable and confident. 

The result will be a contemporary headshot that is professional and bold, looks natural and authentic and will get you noticed and remembered.



2 images

In-studio session


No time limit

Up to 4 outfits

Session design

Advice on what to wear

Posing and expression coaching

Online proofing gallery

Ideal for LinkedIn & Website

Option to add professional hair and make-up (+£100)

The express


5 images

In studio or at a location of your choice*

No time limit

Up to 4 outfits

Session design

Advice on what to wear

Posing and expression coaching

Online proofing gallery

Ideal for LinkedIn, Website, Print (brochures, flyers, business cards..), Social Media profiles

Option to add professional hair and make-up (+£100)

*subject to travel fees

The professional


Looking for more images that showcase multiple aspects of your brand personality, your work, and your everyday? 

Check out my personal branding packages

The social professional

The headshot experience

If you're looking for more than just a snapshot, you're in the right place. Most of us are not professional models and more often than not we hate being in front of a camera. This is why I offer a full experience to get you the results you're looking for whilst putting your mind at ease and placing the responsibility of getting you looking your best on me.


Studio or on location; high key or moody; editorial or corporate... options can be endless but I'm here to help. I'll ask what you want your headshot to project and I will suggest the headshot styles most suited to your goals.


I offer the option to have your hair and make-up professionally done. If you prefer to do your own, I will provide tips on what works best on camera.


You will get a range of photographs and set-ups to choose from, and full freedom to pick the ones that works best for you, your personality, your job, and what you're using them for.


I'll provide advice on what to wear for style and comfort, as well as colour recommendations to coordinate clothing with backgrounds.


No need to worry about how to pose or how to smile - my photoshoots are fully guided, which means I will direct you into confident and approachable poses suited to you, and I will distract you off the lens and get your most genuine and engaging expressions. 


Your selected headshots will be available to download from a password-protected online gallery in high resolution (for print) and web resolution. Cropping and custom resolutions optimised for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Office365 are available on request at no extra cost.

Book your session now or schedule your free consultation to learn more about the experience and discuss options