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A Cambridgeshire brand photoshoot with Stephanie from The Trove Cambridge

Meet Stephanie

Founder and content curator of The Trove Cambridge.

Over the last 6 years, Steph has built a strong creative hub, helping Cambridgeshire creatives showcase their work, and promoting the ethos of shopping and supporting local. Earlier this year, she launched a crowdfunding campaign to grow The Trove Cambridge, alongside a new membership offer. She also recently organised a fantastic virtual exhibition and market to support local indie artists, designers, makers and small businesses from across Cambridgeshire. She even has plans for an online shop, a community notice board and forum, and the first issue of #CambsCreativeScene magazine!

Rewind back a few months (whilst all this was in the planning), Steph and I discussed and planned a series of brand images to give her the tools to promote all these exciting projects.

The results

We created a range of headshots, lifestyle portraits, and behind the scenes photos showcasing Steph's crafts. You can check some of Steph's brand photos below. She was able to use them on:

  • her refreshed website

  • her social media pages

  • a double-page magazine interview

  • her crowdfunding campaign (which widely exceeded her target!)

  • her membership on-boarding packet, and more!

A note on confidence...

Here is what Steph had to say about her experience:

"It was great working with Elodie back in December to get a portfolio of professional images ahead my business launch.

As someone who has not been comfortable in front of the camera for many years, Elodie put me at ease with her coaching and since the shoot I have been much more comfortable having my photograph taken.

I have even just filmed footage of myself talking for my crowdfunding project! #confidencebuilding #gamechanger "

Steph's feedback touches on something that I think is very important in your decision whether to have professional brand photos taken, as well as how to choose your photographer:

  1. Finding a photographer who you feel at ease with is key - you want to make sure that they take the time to get to know you and understand what you need.

  2. Getting professional photos is a real confidence builder, especially if you can find a photographer who encourages and guides you throughout your shoot.

  3. That newly found confidence will give you wings and propel you to action (I love Steph's reference to finding the courage to film herself following to her session). When you believe in your business and get over your fears of being visible, you become unstoppable.

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Need brand photos that you're proud to share confidently?

I would love to help! My approach is relaxed and strategic at the same time - I will help you plan your shoot to tell the story of YOU and YOUR business in the most beautiful way, and on the day of your photoshoot I will give you all the guidance and encouragement you need so that you don't worry about a thing.

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