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Meghan's maternity portraits

Updated: May 21, 2020

Maternity photos Cambridge UK

I love helping women see their beauty, and in times of major changes of their body during pregnancy I love showing them how incredibly strong and beautiful they are. 

My goal with maternity portrait sessions is to create an unforgettable day that makes every woman appreciate and celebrate who they are becoming whilst making them feel glamorous and empowered; and to create portraits that are elegant and moving, to be cherished for many years to come.

Meghan's session was no exception, and I adored getting to know her and being part of her journey. It turned out that baby Skye made an early arrival only days after our photoshoot, so we were glad we did wait any longer to do it!

If you wonder what a maternity portrait experience feels like, I asked Meghan a few questions after her session and here were her answers:

What made you want to have your photos taken?

"I think women's bodies change so much when you get pregnant and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and you feel a bit out of control with this new form - but I had been trying to have a baby for so long I really wanted to embrace and celebrate it. I wanted pictures to reflect how beautiful and strong I felt at that moment!"

What kept you from having your photos taken sooner and what eventually put your fears or concerns to rest?

"I had seen a lot of very cheesy and awful maternity shoots and I didn't want that - I wanted something a bit more editorial and grown up! I also thought that I might never be pregnant again so I wanted to capture it - then it was about finding the right style of photographer which is where Elodie stepped in!"

How did you feel during and after your photoshoot?

"Before I was pretty nervous, stripping off at the best of times in front of someone you don't know is nerve wracking and when your body is so different than normal that seems to add to it. As soon as we got started I felt instantly at ease, the constant words of encouragement did so much for my confidence and by the time I left I felt I was walking 2 inches taller, I felt so confident and excited to see the pictures!"

Anything surprised you about the experience?

"Elodie is so knowledgeable (that of course wasn't surprising) and in such a small space with clever lighting she totally transformed everything - it was insane!"

How did you feel when you saw your photos for the first time?

"I got so emotional - I LOVED them! I hadn't planned on sharing them with anyone but I just had to - I felt so proud of myself and empowered!"

Here are some of my favourite portraits from the session - I hope you enjoy them too!

My studio is based in Cambridge, UK. If you are considering a photoshoot to capture this special time in your life, head over to my portrait page for more information or schedule your free consultation to find out more.

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